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Heat transfer garment vinyl bundle. Comes with an adhesive backing for easy positioning.
Easy to weed. Perfect for small designs.

This bundle includes:

3x sparkle holographic silver, rainbow and blue (size 30x20cm each)

1x silver glass flower (20x30cm)

1x holographic silver (20x30cm)

1x transparent Opal white (20x30cm)

4x holographic sparkle black, pink, blue and circle (24x27cm)


Application instructions:

1. Mirror/Reverse your image design in your cutting software.

2. Place vinyl gloss side onto cutting mat.

3. Cut your design with your cutter machine.

4. Weed the excess material from the design using a weeding tool.

5. Put the garment on an even surface and place the design on the garment at the desired position.

6. Apply the design with a heat press or domestic iron.

7. Let it cool

8.Note once pressed your vinyl will have a matt finish.


Care intruction:

1. Wash in maximum 60C

2. Tumble dry safe


Heat transfer vinyl bundle

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